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As usually I’ve been busy busy busy – both with meditation and quilting. 

I spent the weekend of 12-13 October facilitating a meditation weekend at Clandulla.  Where’s that you say?  Well, I wish I’d asked more questions on where it actually was to prepare myself for the travel.  I thought it was in the Blue Mountains, only because I met Chris, my host, at a workshop I did in the Blue Mountains.  Well… I did have to catch the train to the Blue Mountains, but then had another 2 hour drive to the farm where the workshop was held.  The workshop was great and a lot of fun as well.  My return journey from there to home in Melbourne was “challenging” to say the least.  I left Clandulla at 1pm and arrived at Sydney Airport at 5:30pm – there were no trains from Central to Domestic so had to catch a bus. Sydney Airport was in total chaos because 12 flights had to be cancelled due to strong winds.  Of course, my flight was one of them.  However, I was bumped up to an earlier flight, which of course left later than my original flight eventually getting home at 9:30pm.  As I said, “challenging”!


View from the farmhouse at Clandulla

Another view from the farmhouse

Bianca - or Binki - the wonderdog and guard dog. She joined us in meditation and was the best participant! See how relaxed she is after meditation?

Last weekend the travel was a whole lot easier.  I was invited to teach at Patchwork on Parker in Cootamundra.  The flight with REX was uneventful, the lovely Sonia picked me up from Wagga airport and drove me to Cootamundra.  Friday was spent just chillin’ out.  I don’t get much of a chance to chill out at home – always busy running around – so it was very soothing to just sit up in bed, watch “crappy” TV and sew…….sew……sew.


The view from my room

Saturday morning, bright and early at the shop – and 16 lovely quilters started arriving – very enthusiastic and early.  I always get a buzz from knowing that woman actually enjoy making my quilts.  Tulipa was the quilt chosen for this class.  Of course we had a wonderful day, lots of laughter, sewing and FUN!  What better way to spend a weekend.


Dianne and Kate

Julie (who works in the shop), Darlene, Bev, Debbie and Dianne

Rhonda and Kate

Robyn, Jane, Darlene Leigh (and me, of course)

Bev, Janelle and me (i know it looks like I didn't move - all the photos were taken towards the end of the workshop!

Sonia (my host and owner of Patchwork on Parker) and Darlene

I meant to take lots of photos but of course I was having too much fun.  Thanks Janelle for helping me here.  My apologies to those girls whose photo we missed.  And a big thank you to Sonia for organising the whole trip!  We’ve made plans for me to return in August 2013 – and I KNOW that you girls will all have Tulipa completed!

I’m working on trying to complete a couple of quilts by December.  My crib quilt Greenacres is done and I’m now working on the pattern.  I’m also in the process of finishing a quilt made up of melon blocks – or orange peel blocks.  Trying to name quilts is tough for me, but my Cootamundra friends – thanks Anne and Janelle – came up with a fantastic name – a play on words – Melon Lime and Bitters.  So those two quilt patterns should be up and ready soon.  I also have 3 more quilts prepped – now I just have to find more hours in my day to complete them.

I’m off to Bribbaree in a couple of weeks time.  How fortunate I am to have Anne West organise this for me.  She is the driving force behind most quilty events in that area.  She’s managed to “round up” around 30 quilters for a weekend of fun. fantastic food (including a delicious champagne lunch) and sewing.  There will also be an exhibition of quilts made by “her girls” and any completed clamshell quilts from my previous class.  I can’t wait!

Here’s a question ….. how do you like your quilt patterns packaged?  I’m looking at different ways of doing this effectively but the jury is still out…..


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I’ve just got home from spending two days helping out at Quilts in the Barn.  And I am so glad that I did.  I got to hang out with some fabulous women and spent two nights laughing until my sides ached.  Got to hang out with Leonie (from The Quilted Crows), Margaret and Jennifer (my two sidekicks!), Mary and Joe Koval and of course our fabulous hosts, Linda and Paul.  Lots of fun, lots of eating, drinking and definitely lots of laughter.

I’m getting quite envious about the trip to Houston that was being planned and discussed –  who knew it would sound like so much fun.  But perhaps next year I’ll be able to join “them” when I’m in the US.  I have a plan…………

I caught up with many quilting friends from around Victoria– too many to name – it was wonderful to spend time chatting. 

Linda does a great job in organising and hosting this event every year with all proceeds going  to breast cancer research.

Here are some pics from today

Doing my stint at the front desk - with Jill. The stunning raffle quilt is on my right.

With my new BF, Leonie. See that absolutely gorgeous antique quilt in the background? Love it! The Quilted Crows are offering it as a BOM.

With another of my BF, Kim. I always love it when we catch up!


Linda behind the camera!

Some of the Sunday helpers - with Sam at the extreme right who helped out everyday and did a great job!

With Jennifer and Mary Koval.

Till next time………

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Now for some exciting news.

Jennifer Murray and I will be holding a crib quilt workshop on Saturday 26 October at the Masonic Hall in Moonee Ponds. image of stitches in bloom flyer





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I seem to go AWOL from time to time – perhaps because I lead such a busy life – and I wouldn’t have it any other way!!

Since last post I’ve been to Wallacia in New South Wales  and Byron Bay (everyone knows where that is), both for meditation workshops – a weekend workshop and a 6 day residential.  Needless to say they were both awesome!  I am so lucky I get to meet such wonderful people.  But then I get to meet wonderful quilters as well….what a great life!

I had another fun day at Patch n Quilt where we do more talking than sewing but who cares!  I like that I have the same group coming along and we get to catch up on each other’s lives and get to know each other so much better.  And I always get to stay way too late chatting to Mary!

On Saturday 31 August the Seabreeze Quilters held their Quilt-In at the Williamstown Town Hall– and what a success.  I’m sure there were in excess of 250 quilters from all around Victoria.  Kim and her team did a fantastic job.  The hall looked great – I did take photos but realised that I hadn’t sought permission from quilters to show them on my blog – sorry about that. 

Margaret Mew was one of three guest speakers and she gave us a talk about the many years she volunteered at Tarrengower Women’s Prison – one of the longest volunteer projects in a prison.  Margaret gave a very moving – and sometimes funny – account of her working there with other volunteers.

Margaret Mew, a friend and Alison Gardner

Jenny Bowker was the guest speaker.  I’m sure most of you have seen Jenny’s gorgeous quilts and her stories are very inspiring  – about her friendships with the people that she met whilst in Egypt and the surrounding areas.  Beautiful photography and beautiful quilts. 

I was invited to have my own trading table selling patterns.  I got to meet many of my customers, gave some mini classes and of course networked – ain’t life grand?  A couple of classes are in the works.  Thanks Jenn for your help – making sure I was fed, got my breaks and taken very good care of!  

And another great announcement – but that’s in the next post!  2 posts in one day?  My web-person will be very happy with me!


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A group of us have decided to launch The Applique Guild of Australia.  These include Margaret Mew, Jennifer Murray, Alison Gardner, Mary Hitchens, Janet O’Dell, Margaret Parkinson and myself.

Many people do not have the luxury of being able to attend a sit & sew session, classes or visit a patchwork shop.  The Guild wants to create a forum where a member from central Western Australia, outback Queensland, suburbia or a small country town can be involved with like-minded people, connect with others and continue to learn as you pursue an existing passion for appliqué or are a “newbie” to this style of needlework.

The Applique Guild of Australia aims to provide information, tutorials on differing techniques, interesting articles and interviews, a diary date listing of upcoming applique-related events and help to connect people on-line.  Join us to learn and enjoy together what we are so passionate about – applique in all its forms, whether it is modern, art, pictorial, naïve, 1930’s style, traditional or antique reproduction

We will basically be an on-line group with quarterly newsletters.

The Applique Guild of Australia will be launched on Thursday 25 July 2013 at the Melbourne Craft and Quilt Show.  I will be there on Friday and Sunday so please come by and say hello.

We will also be holding our Inaugural Applique Day on Saturday 5 October 2013 at Holy Cross Retreat Centre, 207 Serpells Road, Templestowe between 10am and 4pm.  There will be shops in attendance and a guest speaker.

For more information please check out our website at:

This is a very exciting venture for us and we hope that we see many of you at the Show as well as at our Inaugural day.  If you want to know more please don’t hesitate to contact me.

SA Quilt encounter


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I’ve just come home from being a “tutor” at the SA Quilt Encounter.  I taught there two years ago and was invited again this year. 

Kerryn Brand and her committee did a fantastic job – this being their first year, taking over from the previous committee who ran it successfully for 20 years.  It must have been a daunting task taking over from such a dedicated and experienced  committee, but they rose to the occasion and, as far as we were concerned, everything ran smoothly.  I have no doubt that there were a few hiccups behind the scenes but you wouldn’t have known it.  We were very well looked after and I didn’t hear any complaints or even any niggles! 

I got to share a house with a great bunch of tutors, Jacqui Karl and Juliet Fitness from New Zealand and Pam Furniss, Katrina Hadjimichael and Amanda Daly from New South Wales.  It was such a honour to get to spend time with these extremely talented women – happy hour was something we all looked forward to – relaxing with wine and nibblies – though I don’t know why we needed the nibblies as we were so well catered for – lots of food – breakfast, lunch and dinner with morning and afternoon tea as well. 


Happy Hour with Amanda Daly, Jacqui Karl, Pam Furniss, Katrina Hadjimichael and Juliet Fitness

I get to squeeze in with my gorgeous friends!

And I caught up with many friends again, quilters who had done classes with me before.  Isn’t the quilting fraternity wonderful?  Not only do we all produce beautiful work but we form strong friendships and even if we don’t see each other often, when we do catch up its like we’ve known each other forever!

This year I taught Mosaics and Clamshells.  There was lots and lots of laughter as well as many techniques learnt.

The Mosaics Class

the girls chillin' out and some working hard!

The Clamshell Class:

Anita brought in her hexagon quilt which she’d made a looooong time ago using fabric from clothes she made for herself and her family.  And Jenny brought in her version of Fleurescence that she did in a class with me in 2011.

The other great thing about these workshops is the networking that goes on behind the scenes.  From this workshop alone, I’ve been approached by at least three different groups to come teach for them – and I love it!  So 2014 is going to be another busy teaching year for me but I know its going to be a lots of fun as well.  

I’m back home, lots to catch up on – all the boring stuff like laundry, cleaning, cooking and the day job (which I shouldn’t complain about as it pays the bills!).  But I also have time now to complete my next two projects – working title Abundance (of leaves!), and  my crib quilt, Minerva.  And I get to start on a couple of new projects.

Till we meet again………..



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Last weekend was our annual quilt retreat at Hepburn Springs.  What can I say?  Lots of laughter, lots of sewing, lots of good food, great company – Maureen M, Maureen D, Suzanne, Rose, Joy, Dianne, Lorraine and myself.

The Craft Retreat is a beautiful place which can accommodate 9 with a large light filled fully equipped sewing room.  There’s nothing better than being able to leave your work around for three days without having to pack up every night.  I usually take a lot more than I know I will work on but I like to have variety.  This year it seems that there’s so much more knitting and crocheting being done – the queen of crochet being Maureen  M, with Suzanne managing to knit a hat in one day which she will now felt. Lorraine outdid us all by completing a quilt top – well done Lorraine!

This year I only took photos of projects – something different!

Dianne's projects

Joy's beautifully crocheted rug and a project that should have been completed many years ago!!!

Maureen M working on a "Marie" project and Eva Grace

Maureen Ds many projects - she loves making shawls and cowls

Suzanne working on piecing - another "Marie" project

A sneap peak of my new crib quilt, Minerva; a sewing kit I designed to take with me when i travel.

Lorraine with her completed beautiful Japanese fabric quilt

It was bitingly cold there but we braved the chill and walked down to the Macaroni Factory for lunch – others braved the hustle and bustle of downtown Daylesford.  Dinners were at home with no one wanting to venture out.  Lots of lovely dishes and yummy deserts and cakes.

Can’t wait for next year.

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Yes, I’ve been a bad bad blogger…….

Its been simply ages since I last posted and so much has happened ….my head is still spinning.  And time? What’s that?  I made myself a promise recently that I’d find more “me” time, and it seems that I have done so for certain things, which means I have to let other things go by the wayside – one of them being blogging time.  But…..I’ve been reading other blogs and knew that it was time that I did something about it. 

So here’s some catch-upping!

So where have I been?

After the last post I left for the US for three weeks, mostly for meditation workshops.  I’ve been visiting the US since 2007 and go there every year.  I’ve made lots of friends, both quilters and meditators so its always fun catching up.  This time it was mostly in the Charlottesville, Virginia area and only managed to visit one quilt shop. 

Those of you who know me know that meditation is something that I’m also very passionate about – not only do I practice it everyday but I also run workshops here in Australia.  But that’s another story.  I did two workshops at the Monroe Institute, one with the world famous William Buhlman and that was an AWESOME experience.  

The Monroe Institute (or fondly known as TMI) and yes, that's a rose quartz crystal behind me!

I also got to catch up with old dear friends and spend time on a girlfriend’s “farm” – that’s what she calls it but its certainly much much more than that.  There’s nothing more decadent than sitting in a swing seat chair thingie on the front porch sipping wine and just relaxing!!

Paula's "Farm" - she has some beautiful old quilts

On return to Australia I had no time for anything but study so that I could run a new workshop here in Australia– at Byron Bay….. yeah I know its hard work but someone’s got to do it.  Sangsurya is the most divine place as you can see from these pics.  Again, it was fun catching up with old friends!

Sangsurya at Byron Bay

Since coming back I’ve done a few workshops – one at Patch n Quilt with my favourite “hostess with the mostest” (Mary) where some women tackled Auntie Green and others did other quilts of mine; two workshops at Mill Rose – Message in a Bottle (one of my new quilts) and Clamshells (an all time favourite).  I also did a private workshop with a great bunch of quilters, each of them picking one quilt of mine.  Again, another fun day.

Patch N Quilt, Gisborne

This weekend is my small quilting group’s annual retreat at The Craft Retreat in Hepburn Springs.  Boy…. Am I hanging out for that – almost three days of nothing but sewing……. Yeah!!!

Next week I’m off to Adelaide.  I’ve been invited to run a couple of workshops at the South Australia Quilt Encounter.  I’ve been there once before and it was wonderful meeting quilters from all over Australia and as a tutor we get looked after very well.  Don’t I have a fabulous job?

After that I have a trunk show with the Sea Breeze Quilters in Altona.  As you can see my feet haven’t yet touched the ground but its fun running along like this.

I’ve been working very slowly on new quilts – only managed to finish a crib quilt but have prepped a couple of other new quilts.  I recently sent two to my machine quilter – Rebecca Rae of A Stitch N Line in Jindabyne – one being Timeless  (Mimosa renamed) and the other is the new crib quilt, Greenacres.  Jennifer Murray and I will be offering a crib quilt workshop in Moonee Ponds on 26 October 2013.  We will soon be posting up details so keep an eye out for it.

Now if only I could do something about the day job………….

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I had another lovely weekend in Nowra end of March.  Two new quilts were launched – Tulipa and Message in a Bottle.  I had done a previous workshop last year with Kim of Jukejema Quilters Barn and had discussed my new quilts and we decided to launch them first at Jukejema.  The function room at the Parkhaven Motor Lodge was hired for the two days.  A beautiful large room with lots of light.  A delicious lunch was served with a shop in attendance – Jukejema of course. 

I had five for Message and 10 for Tulipa.  There was also a special dinner that night at the Southern Stones Rock and Bar Grill – something different for me to try – here’s how its described: your meal is  cooked on a heated volcanic rock at your table.

The high temperature of the rock sears in all the natural juices and nutrients, giving you a unique rock cooked flavour”.  Delicious!!  It was great to catch up with Anne and Bill from Bribbaree.

My second workshop was at Carolyn’s Quilting Room in Wodonga on the 6/7 April.

I travelled to Wodonga with my “roadie” – Jennifer Murray who had been invited along by Carolyn.  As Jenn and I are good mates it was an opportunity for us to go on a “road trip” together.

I taught three classes here – Tulipa and Clamshells on Saturday and Botanika on Sunday.  Tulipa morning was very quiet and orderly but then came the afternoon ladies for Clamshells – a loud, naughty, rowdy bunch but I loved them all – lots of laughter, jokes and mucking around – a great deal of fun.  Poor Gordon – that’s an in-joke – you’ll have to do a class to find out about that!  Sunday was quieter and more relaxed but we got a lot done. 

That's Jenn my "roadie" and our dinner Friday night - Thai with lots of chillis and yum!

It was fun having Jenn as company, and of course her computer skills came in handy.  Watch out for Carolyn – she’s learnt just about everything there is to know on Pinerest!!

The next few days will be hectic.  I have a few workshops over the weekend but I’m also getting ready to go to Virginia, USA for three weeks.  This time its for meditation workshops and some training.  I get to meet lots of wonderful people and catch up with old friends.  So looking forward to some quiet time to put my feet up and meditate in great company.   I don’t think I’ll have much time to anything quilty – but that’s okay……

Till next time – happy quilting.

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She who shall remain nameless should be very pleased about this. 

I’ve been to Bribbaree and back, to Byron Bay and back and to Ballan and back!  Busy as ever – so finding time to make blog posts gets a tad difficult, but I shouldn’t complain – have to keep that HUGE audience happy! 🙂

My Bribbaree trip was planned by Anne West:

Anne and Mandy – the two wonderful organisers

Everything was worked out within a day – air fares booked and accommodation arranged.  This was quite a few months ago and from Anne not knowing how many would be attending, and even settling for just her sewing group, we ended up with 25 women at the workshop and had to get a larger venue – my biggest ever group!  And what a grand time I had.  There’s nothing like sewing with a bunch of your new best friends on a beautiful Saturday where everything has been laid out for you.  Again thanks to Anne – with a lot of help from Mandy – we didn’t have to worry about anything – snacks available all day, morning and afternoon tea and a delicious champagne afternoon lunch – including lots of show and tell.  As is obvious from the photos the quilt chosen for the day was my version of Clamshells.  

Here are some photos of that day – I’m sorry its been a loooooong time since the workshop and I’ve forgotten some names……..



The last photo is Janella from Country Matters Designs holding up her beautiful hexagon quilt.  Go to her blog to see her post on our Bribbaree sewing day.

Soon after that I was off to Byron Bay to run a 7 day meditation retreat at Sangsurya.  It was – AWESOME.  Its such hard work but someone has to do it!

Sangsurya at Byron Bay

Came home on Thursday, had to catch up with my day job and had another teaching gig at Ballan at the beautiful Mill Rose Cottage with one of my favourite students (you know who you are!) It was the first day of Mosaics.  Lunch at the café next door was again delicious – there’s a new menu so for those who haven’t been there recently you’ve gotta go!  I had the lamb chops – yum!

I’m back in Melbourne for a couple of weeks trying to catch my breath before I’m off to Jukejema Quilting Barn in Nowra for a two day class on Saturday 23 and Sunday 24 March.  We are offering my latest two quilts, Tulipa and Message in a Bottle.  You can choose either of the quilts to work on.  For those of you who’ve done my classes you know that we’re gonna have a lot of fun – with maybe some serious sewing thrown in.  So I hope to see you there.  For more details on the class please contact Kim on Shop Ph 02-44212577 or Jukejema Quilting Barn.

Message in a Bottle



Hopefully I’ll be back soon!

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