image of Irene Blanck

Irene Blanck

I started quilting about 18 years ago after seeing a quilt in a magazine.  I tackled my first quilt on my own and made every mistake in the book!!  I enjoyed machine piecing for a long time until I got the taste for needle-turn appliqué.

I started out making  quilts using patterns produced by others and eventually decided to try my hand at making my own – for myself.  Annette Blake, from Fragrant Cottage saw this quilt and asked if I’d teach it.  Since then I’ve found that there are so many quilts “in my head” that need to come out that I don’t have time for anything else but designing and making class samples.  Now if only I could give up my day job!

I mostly teach needle-turn appliqué, reverse appliqué, the use of glue – NO pins, and preparing and making hexagons.  I encourage quilters to prepare a complete block so that it is portable and can be completed anywhere, any time.

One of the main things I found when teaching is that people can be very hesitant about choosing fabric.  I enjoy this aspect of my designing and try and instil confidence in my students about choosing colour – and particularly NOT stressing out with this process.

I like to think of my classes as “sit and sew” sessions – or “mini quilt-ins” – where we have a fun and relaxing day, chatting to friends as well as learning a new technique or perfecting on techniques.


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