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Trondheim was my last stop in Europe before I returned home.  Siw from Quiltegarden in Trondheim invited me to teach at her beautiful shop.  I was quite excited about this having never been to Norway before – but I was also going to catch up with my favourite roomie – Randi who shared a room with me in Houston.  I arrived on a cold freezing night and was so thankful that Siw was there to pick me up.  My hotel was in the heart of the city – small and compact and very comfortable.  The breakfasts were to die for – sorry no photos of breakfasts!

Streets in the city centre

Streets in the city centre

The first day was spent catching up with Randi and Ellen for lunch and then a quick visit to the shop so that we’d know where it was (yeah right…..)  I was surprised to see lots of quilters there already, waiting for the trunk show that evening at 6pm – and it was only 3pm!  They certainly are enthusiastic here in Trondheim.

Randi and me

Randi and me

The trunk show that night was great for me – with 43 quilters turning up to see my quilts – unfortunately I didn’t have any quilts from the book but had more than enough other quilts to make up for this.  Siw very generously had lots of little gifts and giveaways on the night.

Welcome to the trunk show!

Welcome to the trunk show!

Siw has a beautiful shop and there was a LOT of shopping done.

shop 3 shop 2

shop 1

My first class the next morning was a block from Botanika.  22 enthusiastic quilters turned up – some from over 700km way – wow!  Thanks girls.  Needless to say we had a lot of fun and I hope they all learnt new and different techniques.


full class

Dinner that night was at a great Italian restaurant.

The workshop on the next day was clamshells – always an easy class where I get to play all day long.  We had 23 for this class – some from the previous class and some newbies.



After dinner that night Siw took us for a walk around the city and also through an older part of the city – such amazing sights.  I was sorry that I didn’t get much sightseeing time, but there’s always next year.

Nidaros Cathedral.  According to Wiki it was built from 1070 to 1300

Nidaros Cathedral. According to Wiki it was built from 1070 to 1300

old city

A bicycle lift?  Only in Trondheim!!

A bicycle lift? Only in Trondheim!!

Thanks Siw for such a wonderful 3 days in Trondheim – and I most certainly will be back.

With Siw and one of her wonderful helpers during the weekend

With Siw and one of her wonderful helpers during the weekend

I left Trondheim on the following morning – Monday 3pm and arrived back in Melbourne on Wednesday at 6am- via Oslo, Paris, Dubai ………. a loooooooong flight indeed!



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