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Potty McDotty will be run as a 9 month BOM.

I am offering it as a pattern only.

The cost of the pattern only is $12 a month (postage included in Australia) and $15 a month (with postage international).  Each month you will receive close-up photos of blocks as well as cutting and assembly instructions.

The pdf version costs $7 a month or $63 for the complete pattern, keeping in mind that the pattern will be printed on A4 paper (Australian size paper- 210 x 297 mm/ 8.3 x 11.7 inches).

I’ll be posting on the 15th of each month (except for May when I will be swanning around Europe and the US – so that will be delayed until the end of May – my apologies!!)

As I have completed the quilt and the pattern you may also like to buy the complete pattern – with postage included at $81 (Australia) and $89 (international).

If you’d like the pattern please email me at

And don’t forget to send me photos. I’d love to see your versions of Potty McDotty.

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I will be leaving Melbourne on 5 October for the US.  I have lots of wonderful workshops and trunk shows planned.  Here is my itinerary – please stop by and say hi if I am in your town/city – or join me for a workshop if you live nearby.

8-9 October 2016

Trunk show and workshop with the Gulf States Quilting Association.  I’m not sure where this is but they tell me it will be “somewhere in Louisiana”.

Contact: Therese at

15-16 October 2016

2 day workshop at The Quilted Owl.  We will be doing 2 quilts: Miz Kelly and Gardenhurst.

Contact: Angie at

25-26 October 2016

2 day workshop in St Louis, Missouri – doing Mosaics.

Contact: Dana at

27 October – 2 November

Houston Quilt Market – please come and say hi if you see me.

5 November 2016

1 day workshop at The Quilt Merchant – clamshells.

Contact: Val at

10, 11, 12 November 2016

3 day workshop with the Charlottesville Quilters (VA).  We will be working on Gardenhurst and Miz Kelly.

Contact: Moira on

14, 15, 16 November 2016

Trunk show and 2 days workshop held at Whistlestop Retreat in Sweetwater, TN.  We still have a couple of spots available.  Working on Miz Kelly, Birds Eye View and Joy.

Contact: Terri on

And last but not least….

18, 19, 20 November 2016

Trunk show and 2 day workshop to be held at The Colonial House Inn, 287 Route 100, Weston, VT.  We will work on Mosaics.

Contact Kim on


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I’ve been doing a LOT of travelling in the last few weeks.  I do love teaching outside of Melbourne and getting to know quilters from the eastern states!

In late August I was booked in for a couple of workshops on two consecutive weekends, one in Sydney and one in Brisbane.  I decided to give myself a mini holiday and stay with a girlfriend in Sydney between the workshops.  The first workshop in Sydney was a meditation workshop (yes I do them as well).  I then spent the week relaxing, sewing and doing some of my day job.

The following weekend I flew from Sydney to Brisbane.  I’d never been to Brisbane before so it was nice seeing a new city – for me at least.  My workshop was at Peppermint Stitches.  It was lovely to see so many enthusiastic quilters attend the workshop.  Stacey and her lovely staff – Dolly and Fiona were on hand to help out.  We also had lovely lunches (thanks Stacey and Jessica) in the park behind the shop.  The sun was out and it was definitely a change from chilly Melbourne.

Peppermint Stitches in Brisbane

Peppermint Stitches in Brisbane

My next long trip was over the first and second weekend of September.  For this one I decided to drive as it was much easier having my own wheels.

Driving up the Hume was wet and awful – but one has to do it!  I decided to stop at Barnawatha as I wanted to catch up with Shelly who now has her own little piece of paradise at Skellywags Sewing School which is part of a larger complex housing a café and a beautiful large room for crafts etc.

Just a corner of Skellywags

Just a corner of Skellywags

Next stop – Wagga Wagga which was tough driving amid all the rain.  This was the most rain I’d seen in a long long time.  I was invited by the Wagga Quilters to run a two day workshop.  We worked on Joy, Confetti and Mosaics.  As always the women who look after me do a fantastic job – at the workshops there is always a yummy selection of morning and afternoon tea.  Thank you Sandra and Peter for billetting me!

The Wagga girls in action!

The Wagga girls in action!

From there I was off to Cootamundra to Patchwork on Parker.  I have been here before and was returning to make sure that the girls had completed their previous projects – as if!!!  I had the BEST soup I’ve ever had from the Cootamundra Butcher!  And stayed the night in a B&B that used to be the nurses quarters – but that’s another story…..  I kinda forgot to take photos of the girls at work but did manage to get a photo of a little fabric selection that we made to get Judy started with her Stepping Stones.

Stepping Stones and the starter swatch page

Stepping Stones and the starter swatch page

Anne West invited me to spend the next two days relaxing at her home in Bribbaree, NSW.  Relaxing??  Well… we did have two packed days of sewing – first with her group in Temora (sorry no photos) and then with her sewing mates at her home in Bribbaree.  What a wonderful day that was with scrumptious food, champagne and lots of sewing and sharing.  And catching up with the friends I’ve made in that area.

On the right is the label that Jackie made for her version of Minerva - show off!!

On the right is the label that Jackie made for her version of Minerva – show off!!

I left Bribaree on Friday 9 September and I’m glad I left early in the morning as it poured soon after I left and the roads were undriveable for the rest of the day.  Next stop Albury – teaching at Avonleigh Country Quilting hosted by Kay and Sharon.  We had a clamshell workshop on the first day and sit and sew on the second day.  I do love these girls – they are crazy, irreverent and just teased me all weekend.  They show no respect for an “international designer/tutor”!!!  They know who they are.

The "naughty" table and the nice table!

The “naughty” table and the nice table!

One of the highlights of teaching at Avonleigh is the lunches.  The first time I was there I was astounded at how much was served.  It did start of slowly – first the soup was brought in and I thought – “yeah nice – soup for lunch”.  Then came  bruschetta – and I thought “nice touch – nice light lunch”.  THEN came the sausage rolls, then mini hamburgers and then toasties – all prepared by Get Tossed.

Can you believe how much lunch we get served?

Can you believe how much lunch we get served?

I drove home on the Sunday night – it was a long drive and I was tired but happy that I’d had such a wonderful time.

So thanks to everyone who made it special for me.  Thanks Kay for putting up with me – and of course a big kiss for Kara and Tigger (who hates me but I’ll win her over eventually).

Next stop – USA…. Yeah….. lots of workhops and lots of new places to visit.  I’ll try and keep up my blog but don’t hold me to it!

Missing in action!


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Yes I have been missing in action.  My last post was in May!  So much has happened since then ….. we’ll have a quick catch-up.

I’ve been very fortunate to have been invited to teach by wonderful hosts, guilds and groups.

Lenora from Elm Grove Quilting invited me back to teach clamshells.  This is by far my most successful workshop – it’s a fun, easy, quick way of producing a beautiful clamshell quilt.

The Sydney Quilt Show was another few days away from Melbourne.  I travelled up to Sydney with friends.  We stayed at the Ibis and caught the ferry to the show.  It was a great way to catch up with our Sydney friends and enjoy all the NSW shops, making stops at Quiltsmith, Material Obsession and Cottage Quiltworks (thanks Maree).

I was invited by a fabulous group of women to sew in Wonga Beach a couple of hours out of Cairns.  I’d never been there so was excited about the trip.  We joined Ruth Bloomfield for lunch at her beautiful home.  I had a fantastic fun few days staying with Lindsey and Ted at their beautiful home in Wonga Beach, just a hop, skip and jump from the beach.  There was lots of food, laughter, sewing, more food…..

Having lunch with Ruth

Lunch with Ruth


Workshop at Wonga Beach

Workshop at Wonga Beach – Ted making sure everything looked good!


wonga beach collage


Look how much they've achieved - MOSAICS

Look how much they’ve achieved – MOSAICS


July was another busy month with clamshell workshops at Treehouse Textiles – sorry no photos.

And another clamshell workshop with the Geelong Quilters on my birthday – thank you to all the girls who made my day so special and to Sue for my scrummy cake.  That was a very busy weekend as I left that night for Adelaide to teach at SA Quilt Encounter.  If you haven’t been to Quilt Encounter, check it out.  Next year they celebrate their 25th anniversary and have lots of special tutors including the Tentmakers of Cairo along with Jenny Bowker.  The Tentmakers will be offering five one day classes – not to be missed.  If I’m really good I might get invited to teach as well (fingers crossed).

Patch n Quilt is a shop that I like to refer to as my “local” – Mary is awesome (but don’t tell her I said so).  A group of quilters wanted to do a workshop with me and wanted a special project with birds.  So I came up with my Birdie Bag and Birdie Zippy Purse – I know….. not very original names – but they do look beautiful, if I say so myself.

Birdie Bag and Birdie Zippy Purse - both available for sale

Birdie Bag and Birdie Zippy Purse – both patterns available for sale


August is gearing up to be another busy month for me.  I think I should make a promise that I will update my blog more often.

I will be teaching in Brisbane at Peppermint Stitches on 27 and 28 August.  We will be doing Minerva, Spring Promise and Mosaics.

In September I will be with the Wagga Wagga Quilters on the 3 and 4 September, then at Cootamundra at Patchwork on Parker on 5 and 6 September  and finally in Albury at Avonleigh Country Quilting on 10 and 11 September.

Hopefully I can catch up with some of you at one of my workshops.

I finally also completed  sewing my new BOM – Potty McDotty.  Its now at the quilters.  Once that comes back its photos, patterns etc.  I will be offering this as a BOM with fabric with Patch n Quilt and just the pattern from me.  So look out for this sooooon…..

Happy stitching…

JOY pattern release


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joy resized



















My latest pattern JOY is finally ready.  Size : 42 inches x 42 inches Cost is $25 plus postage.  Email me at

Workshop in Geelong


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Come join me for a 2 day workshop with the Geelong Quilters on Sunday 22 May and Monday 23 May.  We’ve chosen 3 quilts:

JOY - not the best photo

JOY – not the best photo



Birds Eye View

Birds Eye View

To book into this workshop please contact Cheryl at

I am also the guest speaker at their Quilt-In on Saturday 21 May – I’ll be bringing 2 suitcases full of quilts!!!

See you there!

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Janice – who belongs to The Applique Guild of Australia – organised a two day workshop in Henty, just out of Albury, NSW.

I drove up on Friday 4 March on a stinking hot day.  Had car trouble – and $400 later all was well!!

I stayed with Janice and her husband John in their beautiful home – wow… beautiful scenery for miles around – so unlike living in the city and it takes some getting used to – and of course I could get used to it very quickly! Thanks Janice and John for your hospitality – I felt very much at home!!

Saturday morning turned out to be another hot day but thankfully the hall was air-conditioned.  The workshop was at St Paul’s Lutheran Primary School.  Joanne part of the P&F Association organised all the meals for us – and they were yummy! So thanks to the mums who cooked and served the meals – and looked after us so well.

I’m posting this photo below for all my friends in Manchester, New Hampshire – this is what morning and afternoon tea looks like!

Yummy morning tea - this is just a sample of what we were served!

Yummy morning tea – this is just a sample of what we were served!

4 quilts were chosen – Birds Eye View, Minerva, Tulipa and Mosaics.  Two days of quilting with your quilting buddies – what more can you ask for?  And I get to have all the fun too!!!

Colleen, Heather, Anne, Victoria, Faye, Virginia, Sandra

Colleen, Heather and Anne, Victoria, Faye and Virginia, Sandra

Annette, Betty and Janice, Kristine

Annette, Betty and Janice, Kristine

Ruth, Joanne and Libby, Val and Johanne

Ruth, Joanne and Libby, Val and Johanne

Sunday turned out to be another hot hot day… again thank goodness for the air conditioners.  We spent Sunday afternoon on clamshells – a workshop that I really enjoy and get to see all the wonderful different combinations – sorry I forgot to take photos.

Lynne told us the wonderful story of having won the Victorian Quilters raffle quilt that was made by Margaret Mew, Jennifer Murray and myself a couple of years ago  –  and only looked at the label recently and realised that I would be doing the workshop in Henty and decided to come to it.  She brought in this beautiful quilt for show and tell.

Lynne with Amilie - the Victorian Quilters raffle quilt made by Margaret Mew, Jennifer Murray and myself.

Lynne with Amilie – the Victorian Quilters raffle quilt made by Margaret Mew, Jennifer Murray and myself.

Victoria brought in her absolutely stunning quilt – she started off wanting to do a Baltimore quilt and ended up with a Bollywood version.

Victoria's glorious quilt - i think named Bollywood Baltimore

Victoria’s glorious quilt – i think named Bollywood Baltimore

We did play one game – remember tearing up Mintie wrappers into long strips?  Well, we had what I’m sure is a record – 55 inches long by Ruth – well done Ruth.  The nearest to hers was 45 inches.

I LOVE teaching in country towns – I love the camaraderie between students, most have lived near each other for generations and know each other well.  The hospitality is wonderful as well – and I get to make many long lasting friendships.  I will definitely be back next year girls… and I want to see all those quilts finished!

Patterns for sale


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Whew…. finally…. 2 new patterns for sale.  Contact me if you’d like to buy either.

Minerva - $20 plus postage

Minerva – $20 plus postage (Quilt measures 39 inches x 34 inches)



Birds Eye View - $25 plus postage

Birds Eye View – $25 plus postage (Quilt measures 56 inches x 45 inches)

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I love working on new patterns – who doesn’t.  I was asked to come up with something small involving Birds!  Patch n Quilt is the shop that I will be running this private workshop at.  Of course, what better place to think, choose fabric, design and prep  – than the actual shop which has now become my “local” – less than half an hour drive.  So I spent an afternoon there in the gorgeous classroom with all my requirements including fabric – which I thought I’d brought enough of but of course I did make a “few” purchases – who could resist.

I’ve designed two bird patterns – one on a bag and one on a purse.  I’ll let you know how it all turns out.

Patch n Quilt shop

Patch n Quilt shop – and my messy work space

JOY – the quilt


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I’ve just finished working on JOY – my latest quilt.  I had seen a quilt on the Sturbridge Museum website and wanted to use it as inspiration.  Of course when I finished JOY it was nothing at all like the original quilt – but that happens all the time when I design.  What i start off with is never what I finish with!  I’m working on the pattern – my least favourite part with designing  – and it should be ready probably end of February/early March.

JOY - not the best photo

JOY – not the best photo

Now onto my next 2 quilts!!

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